PR Committee

ESEV Zephyr


C&E, B&E, Professional skills

I’ve been chairing the PR committee of the E-sport organisation “Zephyr” for over a year now. I’ve been involved in setting up social media accounts by making content planning and ideating for new post themes.

Being active in the PR committee helped me to push my visual work to the next level and additionally improved my workflow with templates, references and visual request forms. As the chairman learned valuable teamwork skills like communicating with parties outside of the committee, driving a multidisciplinary team and hosting meetings.

Next to that, I discovered my interest and affinity for optimising processes, for example, the way visuals were requested by other committees. Or the creation of a first every streaming week, a weeklong event with a total of 15 parties having a scheduled stream and at least 37 participants tuning in to watch.