Sigi van Lindt

Experience / VR / Game

Making high-quality entertainment better and more available for everyone.


Visual design (C&A)

Designing with a visual language, a good visual design is cohesive, guides the user and makes a project appealing to engage with. 

Virtual reality (T&R)

Virtual reality poses limitless possibilities to make a project more engaging, companies like Meta & HTC are investing heavily in VR as it has a huge potential. 

Game development (T&R)

Game development can be used to communicate complex solutions in a fun and intuitive way, with the unity engine a lot of concepts can be gamified or made interactive. 

User experience (U&S)

A good user experience is a must for a project to be usable. Understanding the user means involving them in the process and optimising the experience for the user.






Zephyr board year

Student team: XR visualisation toolkit

To connect with my vision, I want to get a more solid grasp on coding in C#, working with Mixed Reality and explore the process analysis part of business more. To do this I’m going to do a board year for the E-sport organisation Zephyr and join a student team for a mixed reality toolbox. With this, I hope to set myself up to really pick the right spot in the market to develop further on during my business-oriented ID master’s.



Have a project that you need help with? Or just want to chat about VR, experience design, game design or the future of entertainment?

Feel free to contact me on linkedin.